What Warren Buffett’s Wants you to know about Business

by Alcides Alvarado


Sometimes people say that leaders are born sometimes they said they are made , but I think is a mix of the two, Because I think everybody has a leader inside we just don’t feed him right and this is why I admire people with difficult or poor background because they have been willing to put work in it to develop their self and be someone in life and one of the people that I really admire and it’s a true example of what I’m saying it’s Warren Buffett, I was fascinated went I read his biography because you get to learn a lot from him, his  life its very special and at the same time its no different from us.

reading his biography give a very private and deep look at his life and family, it’s very interesting in how a kid and a belief can accomplish a lot in his life, how bad experience can turn in good experience and how a person no matter what he possesses or has accomplished in his life can keep his true manners, because hard work, dedication, and integrity have help Warren Buffet to be where he is right now.

One core that I really have in my guts its that there is nothing else that can replace hard word, dedication and integrity; it really bother me went I see or hear those get rich quick programs adds because it really messes with the mind of the people who believe in that, making them believe that there it’s a shortcut or easy way to accomplish wealth. This person who creates this scam programs don’t realize it’s that they can affect the people who believe in this no just economically but mentally why? Because went these people realize that this don’t work they will be so disappointed with their self that there will be hard for them to  come back and try one more time to follow their dreams, I have been reading a lot of biographies of entrepreneur for the last couple of years and all I can find its dedication, hardship, and hard work there its no easy way, accomplish your goal in life takes time, dedication and most important take to create a plan and execute it and this is why I decide to write about this incredible guy to show some of the keys that helped him to succeed in life .


Here it’s a guide on how to become rich:

1-Find your passion.

For most of us, it’s hard to find something that really likes us or inspire us to keep going, in my case took me almost 22 years to really find that one thing that passions me, in the case of Warren Buffett he finds his passion at an early age.

Since he was little he has a passione it for numbers and for business from selling coke to his friends to own a couple of pinball machine in barbershops, He was always on the move, thinking what could be next, always exploring, reading and trying new things.not all of us have the chance to discover our passion at an early age but it’s never too late to find it and to follow it.

2- Read & Learn.

This is something that not all of us do, in the present, no many people like to read there it’s a lot thing that can distract us from important things like the learning process, Read is a key factor of our personal grows, in my case, it wasn’t always like that but went a touch a button in my life something inside of me push me to grab a book and start reading and discovers new things to see the world how really is that why I encourage everybody to read, to learn and to really worry about important things and no to waste their time.

In the case of Warren Buffett was different he begins to learn an early age, his favorite book was a hundred ways to make a thousand dollars, He didn’t read this book once like most of us do he read it over and over again because it was passionate about it, It wasn’t about was the book  about it, it was because the hunger to learn and grown in his passion.


3- Find a Mentor.

I just to think that finding a Mentor was a hard thing to do because you have to hire someone and pay for his coaching and he will tell you what to do and how to do it but I know that my worry was how I’m going to pay this person to mentor me if I don’t have that money now?, but that was a wrong believe because now with the internet you can find a mentor anywhere and for free, you just have to go to youtube or google type a topic that interested you and boom!!! You will found a thousand of videos, blog or book about that topic and you just have to follow that person that interest you and learn from them by reading his/her blog, books or watching their videos, some of them have programs that you have to pay and you can get a little deeper into the topic, but this is up to you.

In the case of Warren Buffet was a little bit different because he was lucky enough to find his mentor in his own house / his father and later on in the school, his teacher Benjamin Grahan. And with the help of them, he was able to become the men that he is now.


4- Invest your money.

This is a great topic that all of us need to know, money is a delicate thing and this is why most of the people overprotected,

This is a great topic that all of us need to know, money is a delicate thing and this is why most of the people overprotected,

Warren Buffett since he was little he learn that in order to become rich he has to do two things with his money first one saves it and the second one invests the money this is something that no most of the people do,  because a soon as we got pay we just go and spend the money, sometimes in thing that we don’t really need, it’s not up to me to tell you what to do with your money but it’s important that you learn how to manage your money.


Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.Warren Buffett.

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