The exact ways to earn money on Amazon and start making money now

The exact way to earn money on amazon, start making money now


Making money from Amazon is no longer a secret for lovers of this page, Amazon is an American e-commerce company with services and articles for all its customers around the world, but this page is not simply based on buying the products you need, you can also use it to earn income and grow in the market. Today, we will be talking about the different ways to earn income from Amazon and how to grow those incomes more and more.


Let’s start!


Amazon Affiliate


The Amazon Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program that allows websites to create links and earn commissions for any sales generated through these links. With Amazon, you can earn up to 10% commission. Basically, you must recommend any of their products on your website and you must put a link that leads to the product of Amazon and any sale that occurs because a visitor click there will leave you a commission.


Sell products at Amazon


The first thing you need for this is to have your product or service, you should only consult that the sale of the same does not violate the conditions of sale of Amazon and you will be well. Now, you must register and place all your sales data (phone, credit card, company data, etc.), then, you must upload your inventory in which you must specify how many products you have, whether you will ship fast, if it will be free, the price, and everything there stipulated, once this is done, your product will be able to go on sale, you just have to wait for the clients and make the exchange of money by-product, with respect to the payments, Amazon depending on the price that you place on your product defines a seller’s fee, which will grow depending on the flow of your sales.


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Amazon Mechanical Turk


This is a little-known service from Amazon but you can certainly earn money for Amazon thanks to this platform, they pay you to perform small tasks and assignments that users ask you, you can do them every day from home to earn additional money, the more completes tasks plus money generates. Amazon pays you directly to your bank account or through Amazon Gift cards, you just have to create an account on the site and start working.


Sell your books on Amazon


This is the most famous way of selling the site, you can sell your own eBooks on Amazon and earn money thanks to their sales, to this program Amazon calls it “Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing” and is a free and easy to configure platform, with it you can win up to 70% of the total sales of each book that Amazon sells, and you can at the same time get publicity not only for your readers, but also for curious people who click your book, read your information and decide to buy it.


Sell your app


This service is called Amazon Developer, in it, programmers like you will be able to host your mobile applications and start receiving money for each sale, the Amazon system will allow you to optimize and make improvements in your application for a better distribution and success of it will also help you create the publicity necessary to reach the best audience. The Amazon Developer page will specify all the services that you offer and the form of monetization that you will get for your application depending on the site where you sell it and its mode.


Amazon really represents a company seeking growth not only for itself but also for its customers from all over the world, seeking to have them prominence on your page and become yours to help them continue to grow. All these ways to earn money on Amazon we saw are just a few that offer this great page, if you own a blog, if you are good at writing, if you’re a good trader or if you are good in the three previous activities, can use Amazon to your convenience and get the best income of this.


It is always necessary to repeat to our visitors that although Amazon is a great platform to earn income, we must also provide the same quality and professionalism necessary to offer the services or products that you are going to sell on their web, since that often it happens that they reject a number of requests or your product doesn’t get almost sales because the Amazon workers don’t consider that it is good enough for their page, and also, the clients don’t see credible or responsible the product that you sell, for that reason, establishes a service or product of quality that stands out from the others, as well, a work ethic so that you can make money for Amazon in a short time.



Never has been easier before to make money online so its time to start now.

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  1. Good ideas! Something I’m going to be looking into. I would like to work from home if possible. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing. Didn’t know about the “Mechanical Turk” option. Interesting. I’ve tried selling on Amazon and the between the fees and shipping it never really worth the amount of effort and time I had to spend.

  3. Great informative post about we can take action and make money now. There’s so many ways if we stop and think about how we can capitalize on certain things!

  4. Amazon is so popular nowadays, this was such a great informational, helpful post. Thanks 🙂

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