Think like a Marketer

By: Alcides Alvarado.

For the last couple of day I have been reading a lot about  marketing, since it’s something that I’m really passionate about, and very often I read the phrase “ THINK LIKE A MARKETER ”, and the phrase it’s something that I always try to think in my mind, to be able to analyze everything around me.

Tim Ferriss often mention that every time that we buy something we need to analyze what makes us buy that item or service, what we see, what we like, the kind of ads that catch our attention; So we can learn more about our self and about the marketing begin the product.

The last 4th of July I had the opportunity to visit the Coca Cola museum here in the USA, it was a great experience, and it’s a fun place ( I really recommend it ), especially if you like to drink Coke…

After walk around and learn more about the story behind the brand, they offer you a 6 min movies something that they call “happy moments”, so we went to see the mini movie and that goes the phrase came to mind, the movie about 3 different stories 1- a couple that got pregnant 2- about a little boy that like another little girl 3- it’s about a guy that wants to get engage with his long time girlfriend.

What really caught my attention it’s that coca cola in this mini movie and not just in this in all his ads is that they try to touch our feeling so they can attach it to their product, it’s very fascinated how they do this through stories, during the clip you will see flash of the product and went the 3 stories  get to the pick of our emotion, went they  couple show their parent that they are about to be grandparents, we the guy finally propose to his girlfriend and went the boy finally receive a kiss from the girl; So in those 3 pick moments what do you think they have in their hands??? Of course, it’s a coke!.

So the all marketing strategic it’s to attach happy moments with coca cola, it’s to make people that every time they feel those emotion socialized with coca cola, a great example of this is what happens every Christmas, what it’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you see or think about Santa Claus, I’m pretty  sure  it’s the same thing as me, yes a big cold and read Coke.

So my big take a way from this experience it’s that emotion are very powerful, especially if you know how to use them!!

Have you ever have any experience like this?  Share and Comment below.

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  1. That is a good simple way to address marketing and apply to it your own work. I think we often forget to think about our audience and appealing to their emotions is one of the great ways to go about it. Coke is a great example. Their commercials are something we always expect to see around christmas time.

  2. What a great post about marketing! Yes I belive that the only way get attention from people is by playing with the emotion. Just look at those click baits as title so many blogger use…” When I almost got killed
    ..” that kind of title.
    Or the TV commercial when a lady is doing her laundy smiling and dancing because the liquide soap is smelling like summer breeze. Hmmm, I have never been that happy making my laundries!😂

  3. Excellent post. Emotion is something that everyone can relate to. Tying emotion into marketing is very effective and something we will be incorporating into our efforts.

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