How to Brand Yourself on Instagram

As you guys know Instagram it’s more like a visual app and that’s what makes the app stand more from the rest since the majority of people are more visual, We need to take advantage of this great tool, to use it to our advantage and to build an audience.

If you really want to grow your audience and your brand, Instagram it’s the right place to start; I had the opportunity to see many personalities growth on Instagram, starting with just a couple of pictures and some follower and then grow their audience to thousands of followers.

Just by being consistent, using the right images, connecting with their followers and by using the right #hashtags you can build a huge brand.

Currently, Instagram and Twitter are my two favorite places to hang up, since like I mentioned before it’s an easy way to connect with your followers.

Now the Big question is, Where do I START?

Instagram it’s under the category “SOCIAL MEDIA” never forget this sentence!

I’m saying this because of the mistakes that I had done in the past, just by using Instagram as a medium to just post pictures and waiting for the magic to happen ( getting more followers), and sadly it doesn’t work like that, Social Media means a place or way that you can use to connect with the rest of the people that share the same values as you.

By posting on Instagram and using the correct #hashtag you will attract followers and comments to your picture, and what you should do it always interact with those comments; Be Human always try to find ways and time to connect with your audience, I just to lack of this before by ignoring comments, it was huge MISTAKE.

Use hashtag that works with your brand and most important with the images that you just share;
Sometimes we tend to use a bunch of hashtags just to bring eyeballs to our images and that’s a BIG NO NO, I just to did this a lot and its was a huge mistake because people end up getting mad at my brand instead of like it and if you think about it, it makes sense you don’t want to put a images of a House and use the hashtag #horselover or something like that.

Another way to brand yourself if by always have a call to action in your post and it can be something simple like “visit my page by clicking the link on my bio”.

It’s very important to always have one call to action because at the end day that what Instagram it’s for, it’s a tool to bring awareness to your brand and traffic to your site, to your own land!

I know now with the new IG updates it’s easier for people to click on your links, but there it’s also a few restriction like You have to have at least 10k followers, you also have to change your Instagram to a business profile.

BEFORE you post something on IG always keep this questions in mind:

Are my images appealing for my Instagram crowd?
Have I included enough descriptive hashtags?
Are my stories appealing to the young generation?

Also, Gary Vee has a great blog post about IG

If you have any more suggestion feel free to comment below!

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  1. These are such good tips for someone just starting out on insta!

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