Facebook Groups Can Help you Build your Business

By: Alcides Alvarado


For the last couple of weeks, I have been wanting to open a facebook group to expand my brand, So I have been doing some research about it and I had found so good advantage to have one.

Facebook groups are awesome because you create a community of people to share your knowledge and to learn from them.

Before I Start I want you to keep in mind something about Fb groups; IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!

What I mean by this is that if you planning to have one or participate in one you have to reciprocate to others, whatever you ask or you receive in some way you have to do the same for others!

The benefits of FB groups:


Building Authority


If you own a Fb Groups, chances are that you are about to become an authority in your niche, why? Because as the owner of the group you are the one putting the rules and also you will be the one helping others by answering their questions and even though you don’t know much about their problems, that will make you look for knowledge that eventually will help you to take the position of a problem solver.




This is definitely a great benefit of being in an FB group, by creating treats for your group or by participating in other groups you definitely will create more engagement with your website and also more comments, share, and more subscriptions.    


Offer your services


I’m currently active in a marketing group that recently was open and I had the opportunity to see how the administrator has growth by helping and by giving value to the members of his group, by doing that, He has been able to have more acceptance in offering his services since people already see him as an authority and someone that knows his craft.


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An easy way to get into people’s inboxes

If you are serious in your business you know that it’s all in the list. By having a large email list of people that want to hear from you and buy from you is essential for building a good business. (Why do you think most of the biggest companies invite you to their email list?).

The cool thing about these groups is that by default people get emails anytime there is a new wall post.  That means that when you have a new product or something that important to say everyone that’s in the group will get it via email. (Note: this only happens if they are relatively active in the group.)

Get New Blog Post And Product Ideas

When your members interact with one another, you will start to get an idea of common questions your members have and what they appreciate.

The content you post to the Facebook Group Page about one area of your expertise may get more likes and comments than the content you post to the Facebook Group Page about a different area of your expertise.

Your readers may also post comments about your content that inspires your next blog post idea. Every relevant post and comment that goes on your Facebook Group Page can be the inspiration for your next blog post or product.

Another great thing that I have seen very effective it’s by doing a survey and your group, by doing this you will have a better idea of what kind of services and product you can offer.

Free marketing while you sleep

The best part of these groups and the real reason why they are so powerful is that over time they market themselves.  What that means is that while you are going about your business or sleeping, Facebook is promoting your group to a ton of people.  The more people that you get in your group, the more promotion you get.  Eventually, you get a steady stream of people asking to be in the group every day.

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What benefits have you got from being active in FB groups? comment below!

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  1. Great Post! Personally, I just started joining blogging and social media Facebook groups and they are amazing. I am going to try to be more active in them and eventually start my own!

  2. I notice an improvement in my stats as soon as I engage in Facebook groups but don’t feel like enough of an expert to start my own! Great post, thanks for sharing

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