5 Ways to Boost Self-Motivation


By: Alcides  Alvarado.

The loss of motivation is very common in every entrepreneur, athlete or business owner but there is a few reason that can be causing that. Here is a few thing that you can do to avoid that, things that can be simple or common but are a key factor in your success.

1. Get some good sleep

One of the mistakes that I did in my past is work in my projects until very late thinking that the more time that I put in the more result that I will have plus I was trying to keep my habit to get up at 4:30 am. Them I starting noticing that I was always tired in bad mood and I was lacking motivation, I switch all the plans to don’t stay until late working and going to bed earlier to balance my hours of sleep instead of just creating a morning routine I create a bedtime routine and that solve all my problems.

2. Take regular Breaks

Whatever you are doing working, writing or studying its good to always take a break once in a while you can took a few minutes and walk to the bathroom, drink some water or juts something simple like looking at the windows, if you have one close; For example in my case it helps a lot went I am stuck in a projects and the ideas don’t want to come out, taking those minutes help me a lot to refresh my  mind and went I go back to write I have more ideas or content .

3. Take some time off

There will be time went you really need to take sometimes off, I just to work on my projects even on Sunday, but over time I realise that doing that it was making me tired and our body and mind need some rest, that’s why I always try to at least take one day off, because remember even if we take a nap our mind needs some rest from the stress or the worries that we have during the week, plus you can use that day to have some quality time with your family and recharge your body and mind doing so healthy activities .

4. surround yourself with the best

It`s very important to surround yourself with people that have the same purpose that you have and people that have the same mindset, You can share ideas and grow a little bit more the is one example that I like to use a lot and is the charcoal, In order to work He needs  to be with the rest to be able to fire because just one wouldn’t work.

What I mean by this is that you have to always be with people that you can learn from and people that help you growth, I know that at the beginning is hard because you don’t know much people or maybe your friend and your family have different mentality but you can  find good resources like listen to podcast, read, watching videos or trying to contact people through social media .

5. Eat Healthy

Believe or not your nutrition is key, why? because its simple if you buy a Ferrari would you go and put a cheap oil or gas and not give him the right maintenance ? would you? Because I wouldn’t. That’s why a good nutrition is important for our performance because if you eat well, you will feel well and full of energy.

You can start with something basic like eat small meals or snacks every 4 hours, cut little by little the junk food and drink a lot of water, I would recommend you to make small changes until you get to the point that you want; Start small its all way the right choice.

Here are some tips in how you can motive yourself, there is more but I try to cover the basic so you can start applying some of them in your life or just find answers, If you have any other suggestion, feel free to comment below!

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  1. Good tips! I definitely need to sleep better, my sleep is terrible –sometimes sleeping at 1 or 2 am, but never can sleep past 7:30 am (even if I’m trying to sleep in).

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