3 Marketers you should follow and how to learn their secrets

By Alcides Alvarado.


We all need some mentor in our life, that why I usually like to read biographies and books in general because you always learn from other people’s mistakes.

Besides the books, I also like to follow people online and read their blogs to learn from their experiences.

Here is a list of some of my favorites Marketers and marketing sites:

Noah Kagan

Its the founder of app sumo, which is a software to capture email on your site and he also was employe #30 on FaceBook

Defenelly He is in my top 3 favorites; I love the way that he approaches business, he is the kind of person that tries to remove any risks while he creates a company, he is good with the questions which are a crucial factor when you want to try a new idea.

The thing you can learn from him:

Learn to set Goals And organize your work.

How to start a business with $0 or low Budget

Test a market before you start.

You can learn more from him in His Blog and Podcast.

Gary Vee

He is a serial Entrepreneur and marketer, he and his brother found Vaynermedia, a company that provides Digital marketing for businesses.

Gary Vee its the guy that everyone talks about, you can find him everywhere on the internet from youtube to most of the social media channels, He is one of the most significant influencers I have ever know, his primary focus it’s on digital advertising.

This guy also knows how to keep engage his followers, and I love his Vlog.

Things You can learn from Him:

How to keep your audience engage

Build your personal.

Develop your strengths

You can learn more from him on his blog and youtube channel.



Shama Hyder

She is the founder and CEO of Marketing Zen. She was also the author of the best-selling book The Zen of Social Media Marketing and a keynote speaker, and she has been included in Forbes’ 30 Under 2015: Marketing & Advertising.

I fall in love with her work when I first read her book the Zen of social media,

I love the simple way that she breaks down social media marketing I recommend her book if it is something that you are interested in learning.

Things you can learn from her:

Social media marketing

How to optimize your site

Content Marketing

You can learn more  in her Blog Marketing Zen

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