Why Its Important to have a Buyer Persona.

Identifying your customers is essential for your business. But this is only the first step. The real business acumen is to enter your customers’ minds. Is there any way to get the insight into your customers’ minds? The answer is a big resounding yes.

The Buyer Persona is an excellent tool to understand your ideal customer’s mind. It will help you know how they make decisions, who they are influenced by, what they want to achieve, what their pain points are, and the most important part what kind of plan you need to follow.

What is Buyer persona?

buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on your research on your market and your niche.

When you create a buyer persona you need to consider your customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

Having a Buyer persona will help you to understand people’s feelings, entering into their world of feelings and showing them that we feel this way . Its has a significant importance, especially if we work or live in a multicultural environment or easily can find ourselves among people who are in a different situation.

Here are some of the benefits of having a selling persona:

1- we understand our customers better.

2- while talking, observing or taking interviews, we understand better what is left unspoken.

3- it helps us see more clearly the perception of our own words and actions other people’s actions.

4- we deal with conflicts easier.

5- improves our communication.

we understand people around us: if we know what is important to them; how they think, we can predict their actions and reactions — so we can motivate them more easily and negotiate with them with more success.

Sit and write about a person that does not exist it kind of silly at least it was for me at the beginning but believe me its worth it at the end of the day it helps you identify your customer and who you want to help.

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Here it’s a sample of a buyer persona:

Name: David                                  

• Age: 28                                                   

• Gender: Male

• Address: USA

• Occupation: Have 2 jobs between and office and retail.

• Married (Y/N): Yes

• Children (Y/N): No

5 Places they spend their time online/offline to resolve this problem:


2- Youtube

3- Blogs

4- Google

5- online Courses


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Now that I have one How do I Use It?

Once you have your selling persona, and you know how He/she look like and what they need, you need to create your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP), which is basically the kind of service or product that you want to provide, this what it’s going to lets you stand apart from competitors…

While carrying out user research, you can observe directly what users say and do, but their thoughts, beliefs, and feelings can only be inferred. This means that you should pay attention not only to words and actions but also on non-verbal communication elements, i.e. body language, gestures, voice tone, word-characteristics, touch, etc.  

Buyer personas are bounded, but we can easily create a less and a more detailed template for ourselves — it depends on what we would like to achieve. It is a very flexible tool, which we can easily tailor to the character of the service and the project needs. Accordingly, it is very important to think before the observation and decide which aspects are important for us.

Tim Ferris also has a great video, about how he launches the 4-hour Chef using this method.


Knowing who to market its a key factor to start any business, without having a Buyer Persona or niche will be hard to accomplish any goal that you have for your business.

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Start now, take some time and work on your Buyer Persona…

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  1. I guess every company would be very lucky if everyone has a shopping persona. This would be the goldmine for everyone. Targeted marketing would be much better and easier.

    thanks for your article

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