What can you do after motivation fails you?

What can you do after motivation fails you?

Motivation for a lot of people it considered the fuel that we need to get something done it cool be going to the gym, finish a homework or follow thru a major goal in life.

I decided to write this article because I’m starting to have my doubts about what motivation can really do in each of us, why I’m doubting? about “ motivation”? you may think because motivation didn’t help me today to get my ass to the gym and it’s not the first time that fails me or I should say that I fail. I say fail because in the first place I shouldn’t depend on someone or something to get motivated to do something.

I once read a comment from Elon Musk that really got me thinking and now it’s starting to convincing me: “ if you need the motivation to do something, you shouldn’t do it”. I think this is so true in too many ways because if you really want to change something in your life or start something you should do it and not wait until the right moment or the right motivational speech.

Do it because deep inside you it’s a desire for action, a desire that will bring you more happiness or peace of mind.

What can you do after motivation fails you?

Don’t become a motivational junky that need from outside influence to do something, because those influence one day will fail you like they have failed me a lot of times in my life.

That’s why I want you to do something different this time, take a moment of your day and get a piece of paper and write one thing that will make you happy, choose that one action that  will take you close to that thing you want the most, I’m pretty sure that there is something that is a must for you, and it needs to become real. After you get that thing done you would know what to do next and you will realize that you don’t need anything to push you toward that goal.

Do it because is a need for you, no because everyone it’s doing it.

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