Think and Grow Rich: Principles for life Success ( part 2 )

Think and Grow Rich: Principles for life Success ( part 2 )

Eighth Principle: Persistence


Many individuals fall flat on their first try. They may fail in their 100th venture, however, the straightforward certainty is that the 100th fizzled try demonstrates their devotion and this quality of want will guarantee they will prevail eventually.

Many individuals abandon on their first attempt, saying that the test is excessively extreme for them and therefore these individuals seldom ever succeed. With a specific end goal to achieve, there should exist an extremely burning desire in whoever wants to accomplish something. As such, you need it, and you will do anything and spend as long as it takes to make this want a reality.

Persistence should be applied as much as the rest of the principles from this book keeping in mind the end goal that you want to accomplish. Perseverance can be developed by having a definiteness of reason, want, confidence, definiteness of plans, precise learning, participation, resolve, and propensity.


Ninth Principle: Power of the Master Mind


This is one of the most vital principles, and this rule explains that to accomplish what you want, you must align your idea vibrations with similar vibrations which can be accomplished by keeping the organization of like-minded individuals.

By picking your group wisely, you will be surrounded by the right sort of inspiration that will inspire and move you. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with wrong individuals, over time this will cause you to fail. By encircling yourself with individuals who support your goals, you will accomplish more.

If your motivation is to become rich, it is wise to encircle yourself with the individuals who have effectively done as such, and are in a position to help you.


Tenth Principle: Transmutation


When you thought it could not get any more bizarre, this section takes the prize for the oddest title. The idea is genuinely straightforward: on the grounds that sexual want is the most intense human want, the practicing of resolution to divert this impulse from natural articulation to another gainful reason or imaginative outlet is to a great degree an effective instrument. As the creator puts it, “When driven by this desire, men create insight of creative energy, boldness, self-discipline, tirelessness, and inventive capacity obscure to them at different circumstances.”

Without determining any names, the book mentions those specific men of incredible achievement credit this practice of “sex transmutation” for their prosperity.


Eleventh Principle: The Subconscious Mind


So far this principle and the auto-suggestion has been two of the most interesting chapters. When we genuinely want something but become restricted by our convictions, not having the capacity to adjust to these waves in a way that will enable us to make the desire a reality. We can control our subconscious mind by controlling, influencing and calming our conscious mind and installing the convictions that we want to reflect on our lives.

This is best accomplished through contemplation since we can genuinely control and tune into our subconscious mind. In other words, our subconscious mind is the decisive driving force that chooses what will and will not show in our lives.


Twelfth Principle: The Brain


As research shows, when our imagination spikes, our subconscious mind achieves a state where it can be customized effectively the way we should be engaged with creative actions that can assist us to get into the correct condition of the brain.

When we repeat words, phrases or as Hill calls them “affirmation” this penetrates in our subconscious mind in a way that makes us achieve a great state of mind of creativity, and the pictures in our conscious mind are seen as reality by our subconscious mind.


Thirteen Principle: The Sixth Sense


The sixth sense is characterized as “that part of our subconscious mind which has been referred to as the creative imagination,” through which “you will be alarmed if approaching any kind of risks and will be able to stay away. Napoleon Hill talks in a colorful way about the “Universal Mind” and “The Higher Intelligence”, best summed up as what we call intuition or God.

In this chapter, the author also talks about a very curious exercise that takes place before bed, he takes what we call visualization to another level.

Quickly before resting, he shuts his eyes and pictures a chamber of counselors, which for him included, Emerson, Edison, Darwin, Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon, Ford, and Carnegie. He has chosen each man for a specific attribute that he wants to emulate and goes about as the executive of this invisible group.

He describes this concept in great detail, giving the feeling that the writer considers this an essential exercise. Hill continues regarding this training as the ideal approach to channel the sixth sense in a way which inspires the subconscious mind.


Fourteenth principle: Six Ghosts of Fear


Since confidence cannot exist together with fear, one must conquer fear to become successful. Hill separates fear into six sorts: poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death. Since fear is a state of mind, and you have the control over your mind, you can practice your will and remove fear, stress, cynicism, and all the things that we use to create disappointment or lack of action.

This has been one of the greatest books I have read, it has helped me change my approach on life and has made me think how to take advantage of this information and put it into practice.

You can identify the purpose of the author as catching a big audience to reflect on his writing the desire for all the world to know these great principles.

I recommend this book to my friends or any person that I consider in need of any of these principles.

So far, my take away from this book is summed up in this.


“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

    – Napoleon Hill


We must keep in mind that anything we want in life can be achieved by having a series of steps which are burning desire, faith, a plan, and put everything together into action. A large number of these principles and ideas have since been developed by renowned writers and self-improvement symbols around the world. However, the knowledge of this book remains significant today, 80 years after the book was distributed

The ideas of this book appear to be basic. However, if you compare this with any other financial book or guide you will find this with much the same simples steps. They simply come with a lot more tools.

Hill’s book is an update that one of the main approaches to accomplish genuine riches is to comprehend that as a general rule our feelings and our outlook are what hold us from succeeding, and that is our responsibility to come out with a plan to attend them.

As may be most of us will say, the book goes past wealth. He tries to define ‘riches’ in terms of quality companionship, family harmony, great work connections and spiritual fulfillment. He also recommends that most extraordinary pioneers started as fantastic devotees and that we need to figure out how to serve before we can accomplish.

However, Hill’s main idea is to show us, that the wealth is not just material things, is yet to be completely fulfilled for what we become and also create asset that we make us better in the long run like having persistence, vision and the capacity to take advantage of the Infinite and shape our subconscious mind. Some individuals are short of crediting their riches or impact to such ‘profound’ capacities, however, Hill knew their significance. This is the reason this book keeps on being read by many after years of been published especially on a bad period of our life.

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