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Are you focused on the Most important thing? (Choose your one thing)

Are you focused on the Most important thing? ( Choose your one thing )

  For the last year I have struggled a lot choosing what project sure I start, it has been so hard for me to choose something since I want to many things and I want to try them…

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Make money on your Blog – An effective Guide to make your First Dollar

make money from your blog - how to make money on my blog

  Many of us spend hours on the internet, renewing our Facebook page, watching videos, photos, updating our blog, and more, but, we always ask ourselves if that time we invest decorating and making the best articles for…

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How to Keep Yourself Sane When You Start a Business

By: Alcides Alvarado   Working as a solopreneur is no joke. After all, on top of doing what you love, you’ve also got to handle marketing, sales, administrative tasks, customer service, accounting, and more not-so-fun stuff. And, in…

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12 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Solopreneurs.

By Alcides Alvarado. The success of most solopreneurs depends on their ability to market effectively. In this day and age, it would be silly for any solopreneur to ignore the power of content marketing. These kinds of marketing…

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