How To Start / Take the Leap and Achieve your Dreams

How To Start / Take the Leap and Achieve your Dreams


It took me a while to write this, but I finally decide to do it, and it feels great to do before I seat to write this I was watching one of my favorite videos from Gary vee, which it’s “HOW TO START.”

And that my purpose with this blog post Start.


I mean start because for a long time I had over thought everything that I want to start, eBay, personal brand, a blog, a youtube channel a podcast and many more things; Why? First I was blaming myself because I’m introvert.


I realize being an introvert doesn’t mean it’s the reason why I hold myself; since I associate been introvert with been shy Which are two different things; Yes they are for some of you that may think that it’s the same thing IT’S NOT!;


Them I ask myself why I’m shy?


The reason why its because I don’t speak fluent English, yes I’m not, I’m an immigrant that wasn’t born here, I grew up in Nicaragua, and I came to this country when I was 14 years old.


Now you may think, but why if you came been still a child you didn’t learn English?, Well I don’t have any excuse for that, the reality is that I WASTE MY TIME, doing things that I shouldn’t be doing.


Believe me when I say that writing this it’s hard for me, the reason I’m out of my comfort zone,

But I’m doing this because I feel it’s a right way for me to grow and become what I want,


I plan to create my brand and in the processes produce a marketing agency which it’s something that I’m passionate about it, so if I know my weakness and what do I want.


So what it’s stopping me?, back again to my “ LANGUAGE BARRIER  .” I put my last words in a quote because, in reality, it’s not a barrier, I know English, and I know how to express myself, it just that I have self-doubt because I don’t speak a perfect English.


Sometimes we need a little bit of push in our life, and I guess this is the part where Gary vee came into place, he has the opposite personality to myself, I found him less than a year ago by accident, and I  found in love with his content from the beginning,


His material has been a Big influence on me and very helpful. I consume his content for a couple of months without any action; I’m not going to lie on this after every video and podcast. I was very excited and pump to start doing something and sit on my computer and work on my projects, but then I came back to the same place and same feeling of not doing anything.


Always the same circle consume, get excited them back to the same = no action.


Them what happens?, I guess I got tired of the same circle, always the same thing without any results; So I decided to take some action, what helps me the most was the video that I mention at the beginning of this post which is HOW TO START from Gary V.


This video helps me a lot, and I remember the first time that I saw it, I watch it the same video 12 times it was super inspired that I realize that I was wasting my time by not taking action. So I decide to return and write an article on my blog and to finally launch my youtube channel, which it’s a significant milestone as I mentioned before I was scared to do it, mainly be in front cameras.


Having a youtube channel was something that I want to do; The funny thing, it’s that after five videos I got comfortable with the camera.


This is my story, I’m still not perfect, or I’m not where I want to be, but one thing is for sure I’m on my way, and every day I’m getting closer to achieve my goals.


Don’t be like I was in the past just wishing things, move, do something about it, it’s about getting something done; You may think “oh” everybody sells the same garbage, work hard, hustle, move do this and do that! And you still thinking or looking the secret formula; You want to know the real secret formula? Here it is: are you ready??? TAKE ACTION!.


Your goals won’t become real at least you take action by doing what you have to do, it does not matter if you take courses, read books and go to seminars, but if you don’t take action you won’t get anything in life, and you would have wasted your time.


And Always Remember the Growth Never Ends


I Hope you guys enjoy my first post, expect good thing from me this year!


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