Why I Build This Blog


A long time ago I discovered my motivation and my purpose, which was to help people find their desire to achieve their goals in life. When I discovered what I wanted to do, I found myself with the need to share this:

First, practice what you preach and grow each day through the right information and habits.

Second, always try to make the most of your time to grow internally.

I can not yet say I’m a role model, but I work hard each day to be the best I can be to give the best. My desire will always be to help those in need, through tips and information that I collect along the way.

I do not promise to give you the key to success, but I promise to inform you and give you the tools you need; because success can only be found in you. There are no shortcuts in this, there is only the hard work that will take you there and the desire that burns in you that will be the engine to follow day by day; the key is in your mind and the only one responsible for managing that is yourself and everything begins with the right mindset.

” There is a way for success but there is no one thing that gives you success.”

– Alcides A


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