Make money on your Blog – An effective Guide to make your First Dollar

make money from your blog - how to make money on my blog


Many of us spend hours on the internet, renewing our Facebook page, watching videos, photos, updating our blog, and more, but, we always ask ourselves if that time we invest decorating and making the best articles for our page can become a work or a source to monetize.


There are many publications on the internet that talk about women and men who have made money from their blogs and have only worked in the comfort of their homes, today, we come to tell you that this is totally true, we will explain what are the tools that you must use to turn your blog into your next virtual officer, where the only boss and employee will be you, and what you must do is what you already do with your blog, let’s begin!


Let’s start first with some tips that you should take into account before you take your blog to the path of regular and monetized work, some of these tips are:


  • Create your inspiration: caring for a blog is not only about updating it when you have written something or when you remember it, an updated blog is one that daily or 3 times a week has new content and seeks to grow, way to keep those post on fire, is to write down all the topics you know or want to talk about, clearly should be focused on the vision that has your blog, and this works so that when you are writing the fourth article on your computer, you have already uploaded the second article to your page and so on.


  • Find your niche: and with “niche” we refer to a market share clearly differentiated, where the purpose is to find a theme or purpose that others have not yet filled, the perfect example could be that if your blog is craft you focus only in one area, knitting could be one of them, turning the blog into a “knitting blog”, we know that there are few of them but there is a public waiting to read about it. Another example could be that on the internet there are many blogs related to makeup tips, “find your niche” would be: establish a blog of makeup tips using as narrators to actresses or famous bloggers, where each through different post will give their own advice.


  • Inspire yourself from competition: Use Google to find blogs that have the same topic or related topic, see how they talk to their audience and how they attract their audience, read their most popular posts, and get an idea of how much interest and competence there are, in this way you can know if your niche is being too specific and therefore you will not bring so much audience, or know if there is a lot of competition to find a way to compete healthily with it.


  • Use SEO words: to stand out from others, or, in words of digital market “position yourself”, you must combine SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies with your blog, this way using keywords that people write on Google, people will be able to find your blog as the first source of information and thus you will get the visits you need so much, for example, if your blog is decoration, a serious keyword: how to decorate my house or how to decorate my room, using those words in your posts or in your blog you can take advantage of this great benefit, in fact, there are also web pages that help you to track the best keywords.


With these tips you can start building your blog from a more work perspective, now, let’s get to know some of the tools you can use to make money on your blog:


  • Affiliate Marketing:

Publisuites is presented as a tool that with its simple design puts advertisers in contact with publishers, in it, you can choose the type of account you own, for our case, is the “publishers” that is special for bloggers, press, and influencers, you will earn money by selling posts sponsored in your blog or newspaper, mentioning in social networks or writing articles, depending on what theme or type of blog you have advertisers will hire you to make these mentions in your blog, and with that you can get money instantly, but! For this, you must have a blog of good quality, relevant and updated frequently.


  • List of subscribers:

Current bloggers don’t care about the number of visits they have on their blog, but the number of subscribers they own, since each subscription is synonymous of more audience. The visitors, in this case, will only have to host their data or email in the register of our blog and from there they will start to receive the information we send to them periodically, this allows us to build a new line of communication with our public, more direct and personalized. They can be offered special offers or promotions to motivate them to subscribe.


  • AdSense Ads:

Perhaps the oldest tool but one of the most used, AdSense ads is a simple way to make money on a blog, usually done with Google AdSense, and are ads that Google chooses to publish on your blog, for every click that the visitors do in them they pay you a monthly commission. Their main requirement is to have a large number of visitors.


Another way to earn money on your blog is to sell some science fiction novels, for children, adults, romantic or what you have written that you think has potential, if we know the story behind the big movies today, most have been inspired by stories that have written fans on blogs or internet forums, don’t miss the opportunity to start a group of fans from your blog and exploit your talent.


These are some tips and tools that you can use to take your blog to another level, remember that constancy is the key factor of monetary success that your blog can have, equally, there are different pages that you can use to give your blog a professional look and to automate it in an increasingly comfortable way. Don’t be afraid to grow up in this wonderful world.


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  1. Thanks for the great tips, I’ve been trying to make a little bit of money from my blog but so far I have only used Adsense. I’ll be sure to put some of these into practice 🙂

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