Journal an Ancient tool for Self Discovery

Journal an Ancient tool for Self Discovery

Keeping a Journal has been one of the greatest habits that had changed my life, I Can’t recall now where I hear this for the first time but I do remember taking action on this and buying Myself a beautiful Purple notebook, that was 2 years ago.


It’s funny because at the beginning when you get into this habit you have a lot of questions, in how to do it, You may think that there is a specific way or method and the truth is that you just have to write what you feel in the moment, you just have to be yourself.


I have seen too many things on the internet, like audio programs, cheatsheets, or even video courses in how to journal; Don’t waste your time on this Stuff, just give your first step which it’s writing on your notebook or if you prefer on your phone and let your thoughts flow.


Writing in your journal should be fun and therapeutic, since you are putting your thoughts and worries on paper this should help you to become free from those worries.


I usually write very early in the morning, I always try to set My intention for the day in the journal,  what I’m planning to do that day I rewrite my yearly goals every day so I can keep them in mind or if there is something that has been bothering me lately I try to put it on paper to see if I can find any solution; Sometimes I can write about the same thing two consecutive days until I hit the nail and find my answers.


Here are 3 Improvements that a journal can make in your life:


It cleans your mind from all buzz that is keeping you up at Nigth.


Have you at any point move around from site to site on your bed worrying about something that you didn’t do from your to do or about a problem that you had earlier with your husband or wife?


When you use a journal, every one of those very late musings previously beds exchange onto the page so you can rest with no very late contemplations. Unmistakably, this procedure just works in case you’re somebody who composes before bed, however, in any case, it’s an awesome propensity to get. Or If you journal in the morning you can record the ideas or plan for your day as I Usually do.


You can look at your past and see how far you are.


I Recently seat with my journal since the end of the year was approaching  and I realize how I have changed, the skill that I Acquire through the year and that mistakes that I make; By doing this I realize from the beginning how great this year will be since I have learned so much and this will save me a lot of time and a lot of pain in trying new things in my life.


Another thing that I’m very grateful that have my journal its that I have been able to record very dark moments in my life; This exercise has free me from a mental jail and has bring me clarification and solution to my problems and even sometimes recognize that it’s my fall and that I’m the one who has the solution.


Another reason that I Like to keep my journal its that I Know one day will help My kids to see My mistakes and struggles and get a better sense of life and learn to avoid the mistakes I did in my past.

Do you have any Specific reason to keep a journal?.

Comment below and share your thoughts.

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  1. I love beauty journals and always buy one when I can. My intentions start out well, but then I seem to forget to actually write in it. I want to pass one down to my children so they know my story.

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