How to start a business under $100

By: Alcides Alvarado.

I remember like it was yesterday when I first read the book rich dad poor dad, and I start learning about the possibilities to make some money and to finally own something, and the all idea of not to work for someone was the best feeling ever…

It’s easy to fantasize about being rich and read books that talk about it, but went it comes to action and give the first step, is when we realize that it’s not easy as its looks, because we found a lot of things that hold us back, like self-doubt, maybe we don’t speak the language, we are not computer savvy or simply we don’t have the money to start a business.

I decide to write this post and include some of the things that I have to try and that maybe can help you to make some money online, some of them don’t need an investment and some need a small investment.


eBay it’s a great way to start since actually, you don’t need any kind of investment, all you need it’s to open an account with them and PayPal.

Now you may ask, well I don’t have any product to sell!. I want you to stop reading this and look around your room I’m pretty sure that you have a lot thing that you don’t use like books, clothes, electronics or toys, you can use that stuff to start and then eventually you can invest some money and buy some more stuff to sell.   



Amazon is another great option, the difference I see between Amazon and eBay it’s that Amazon its kind more complicated to create momentum since their algorithm works differently it takes more time for your product to be seen.

With Amazon you have to options the free account or the pay account which is (Fba), like I say before it’s a little  more complicated to sell in there, what I notice that work the best is by doing some Amazon ads and that means that you have to invest some money for you product to be seeing on the first page of Amazon.

Self Published/ Amazon ebooks


This is another great option that i have found easy and less expensive, writing an e-book and publishing on Amazon has a lot of benefits, like traffic to your site, income and put yourself on the map, and I say on the map because if you choose a niche and write  good book about it people will see you have an authority in the niche and that alone has great benefits.

Now there are two ways to write a book, you can write it yourself or you can outsource the work, there it’s a couple of sites like,, and You can hire a Ghostwriter or someone that make the cover of your book.

This option has been of great help to me, I’m not saying that you will become a millionaire doing any of this 3 things, even though I have met people that make a lot of money doing one of the 3 options that I have given you.

Plus if you see this way you may have differents plan of what I want to do and you may not feel any passion for the ideas that I’m giving you, but look it in this way you can save some money doing this at the beginning and the invest that money in what you are passionate about.

You Have To Start Somewhere!

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  1. Very helpful tips on starting a business. I’ve attempted some myself.

  2. Woah didnt know that i could start a biz under $100 HAHAA. but thanks mate will share on my facebook 🙂

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