How to read like Bill Gates and make the most of your Books

                 How to read like Bill Gates and make the most of your Books


Bill Gates has been known for been a big reader,  he usually set a goal to read 60 books every year, at the end of the year he makes a quick review of the books that he has enjoyed the most. You can see them here.

I recently stumble into an interview he did where he explains the method he uses to read, which I found very Fascinating.


Here are my takes aways:

1-Takes notes.

When you read you have to be careful that you are concentrating especially If it’s not a nonfiction book; Are you taking a new knowledge?  Are you paying attention?.

Taking notes helps him measure that he is really thinking hard about what he is reading; When he disagrees with the book, sometimes it takes him a little longer to finish it because he is constantly writing notes.


2- Don’t Start what you can’t finish

He has the rule that he doesn’t let himself to start a book that it’s not going to finish or that he thinks he may not finish.

“Sometimes books are quite long and you have to think twice if you’re really going to start reading it” because you don’t want to left the book halfway and no finish it.


3- Paper Books vs ebooks

Over time he thinks he will make the switch but for now, he’s adapted to reading on a paper magazine and regular books. In fact, he always carries a back full of books when he’s traveling.


4- Block out an hour

If you’re planning to read you should block out at least an hour because sometimes is hard to concentrate when it’s in a short time, so you have to make sure to scheduled your time so you can concentrate, take notes and consume the information that you are reading especially if it is a nonfiction book.

Magazine articles can be good for a quick read because sometimes it takes 10 to 15 minutes but when it’s a book it will take more; On Bill Gate case he usually takes about an hour or little more than an hour to read every night before bed.


Do you have a method to consume the information of what you are reading? Share in the comments below!



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