How To Make Money Selling Ebooks On Amazon


How To Make Money Selling Ebooks On Amazon- 101 Guide

“How do I make money selling Ebooks?” This is a question that many internet users are constantly asking, but first, let’s start by talking about what an Ebook is, an Ebook is a book in electronic or digital format made to be read in any type computer or on specific devices such as electronic ink readers and even on handheld computers or mobile phones, its fame is because people today prefer to download a book or buy it online than go to a physical store to look for it , all this because of the digital immediacy in which we live today.


This purchase of Ebook without waiting or Shipping costs enchants to its users and to the same authors that at present have decided to stop to publish their books to offer only by electronic means, this has allowed the growth of many communities of authors that have hosted their writings and books in this medium, obtaining income and profits from this.


Today, we’ll be talking about how to make your own Ebook, how to sell your Ebooks on the different pages and make big profits by buying them, let’s get started!


What do I write about?

Creating an ebook is not very different from creating a book in physics, it really is a lot simpler, since you should not go to print your copy, there are Ebooks of 20 pages up to 2,000 pages depends on what you want to say, many of these are not just stories of romance, drama or other stories, they are also tutorials or courses that people can easily buy and read on their laptops or phones, so if you love writing stories of love or fantasy begin to do so without worrying about anything, or, if you like to inform others write about what others have not explained, such as tutorials about handling such page or others.


Create your Ebook

Write it in Word, pass it to PDF, download a program, don’t complicate with that, we can create our Ebook online with different pages, one of them is PapytusEditor, these pages easily and quickly allow you to create your Ebook already establishing the format for computers, tablets and phones, these pages allow you to create your index, author page and a summary of the Ebook, all simple to write from there or deposit your copy there. Remember that establishing a good cover is also necessary.


Create a learning page

Maybe this needs some of our money, but it is necessary to do it, our client needs a page to address to buy our Ebook, therefore, we must establish a site where we have a main page where you see the cover of the Ebook, a page to buy the Ebook (be Amazon, own blog or another) and finally, a page for the client to complete the payment (Amazon or another page). Once with this, you will not have to worry that your clients will not find how to buy your Ebook.


Test Your Ebook

For this you can ask a trusted friend or family member, we know that we can fall in love with our Ebook and sometimes blind ourselves to it, so having a third opinion is necessary to also know how our audience will receive the Ebook, ask them to describe you in detail how you see it, your cover, the information you provide, the color, everything you consider relevant to get your Ebook in a few days with the best quality.


Promote our Ebook and earn money

We are almost finished, now, since we have done the most important thing, we have to do the monetization and marketing part, everything will be based on the promotion and the sites where we sell it, put it on sale from our blog is not enough, other platforms to get more revenue while we have the main, some of them are:


For promotion:


  • Comment on blogs or websites of the same theme of your Ebook to get lovers of this topic.
  • Use social networks to create feedback with users who may like your Ebook.
  • Create a Youtube video of the subject, and mention your Ebook so that people go to buy it at the end of the video.


For sale:


  • Amazon Kindle Direct: this is one of the most used platforms in the Ebooks market, it has a promotion and sale system, where your Ebook will be available within 48 hours of publication and you can get royalties up to 70% their sales.
  • Lulu: This platform has a lot of publishing facilities, including an editing assistant and associates for other spaces such as Ibookstore and Barnes Noble devices, registration is free, and the sales proceeds are 90%.
  • Payhip: upload your Ebook ready and share easily by any means, it also includes instant payments via Paypal, your registration is free and the earnings per sale are up to 100%.


Take advantage of these tips and platforms to make money with your Ebook and promote it, these and more tools you can find on the internet to become an author and expert dealer.




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