How to get 100,000 likes in a month on your Facebook page

How to pages get 100,000 likes in a month on Facebook


Are you Struggling with growth your Facebook Page? Here are a few simple tips that you can start putting into practice now.

1.Set goals:

Most people often forget about fundamentals, which is the core value of any project that you set in your life, that’s why it’s important to set a specific goal and attach to that a particular plan in how to accomplish that goal.


2.Improve your Page

I have seen a lot of people or company that have poor qualities images, videos and they also abandoned creating content for weeks, If you want to grow your page, you should be consistent and take care of the presentation or your page.


3.Create better content

Creating better content is a crucial factor, you may have ear before “ Content is king” and its right on many factors, this is the way to gain consumers and to keep engage your audience


Two things to keep in mind:

1- what your consumer wants

2- What are their pain points and how your product can help.


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4.Increase the visibility of your Page

This is a simple concept that deserves repeating: you won’t have much luck getting more likes on Facebook if people can’t find your Page.

Here is a way that you can increase the visibility of your Page.


  • Include a link to your Facebook Page in your newsletter or email signature.

5.Be responsive and human

Probably this is the most crucial step of being in social media; you should always be responsive with you follower because they may have a question about your product and this may be the easiest way to talk to you.

Never forget to be social in the media.


6.Shout for Shout

This step is very often to see it on Instagram and Twitter, where a lot of Influencers share other accounts by reposting some content from the different account or just by creating a simple shout to different brand or person


Have you tried any other strategic? share them in the Comment section!


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