How to Break Any Bad Habit by eating One apple a Day.

How to Break Any Bad Habit by eating One apple a Day.

I love this philosophy from Jim Rohn like he just to said one apple a day keeps the doctor away.

This philosophy may sound simple but it’s effective and this it’s why I put it into practice.

There were so many times when  I tried to implement habits in my life but after a few days, I will give up with whatever new thing I trying to add into my life until the day I read Jim Rohn book “The 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness” and I learn about his philosophy on ( One apple a Day ), That’s when I realize that only takes one step at the time to accomplish anything you want in your life.


The philosophy of one apple a day means that whatever habit you try to implement in your life you should start small, and then move your way up; Example if you want to start exercising but its hard for you to go to the gym, you can start with something simple like walking around your block for 10 mins and them in a couple of days you can add an extra 10 min and so on.


This philosophy work on everything that you can imagine from writing, health or even learning a new skill or language.


If there is something that you want to implement in your life or maybe a bad habit that you want to remove from your life you need to start small“.


By doing this you will become more effective; If you want to stop eating junk food, you won’t go hardcore on a low carb diet from the begin, what you can do it’s simple, you can start by changing just your breakfast, instead of eating donuts with hot chocolate you can replace it with some scrambled eggs tomatoes and oatmeal and coffee and them eat what you usually eat during the day and little by little you can start by replacing other meals during the day with lunch and dinner.


Quick tip about dieting if you really crave something that you shouldn’t be eating what I do it’s to write on my phone or a make a small list in a piece of paper and I save it for the weekend when I usually allow myself one day to eat whatever I want, and this is how I hack my brain.


As you can see this is something very simple to implement and effective but sometimes people take it for granted for the simplicity.


It may take time because you are making small steps but over time all of this will cause a snowball effect and what one day was hard for you to do, will become an Easier.  


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  1. Love the idea of starting small. My downfall is that I normally try to take on the world in one fell swoop and get discouraged.

  2. That’s fine, that happens to all of us, but what really helps its to have the mindset to think in long-term! 🙂

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