Are You Lacking Confidence on your Sales Skills? Here’s What To Do



Are You Lacking Confidence on your Sales Skills? Here's What To Do

It was until a couple years ago when I discover what an introvert was; I used to struggle a lot when I was around a lot of people; I was the shyness guys that you always see at the parties, always in a corner by myself, always afraid of talking to girls and the one with pretty much no friends.

I did struggle a lot trying to connect with people and I still did after I get married; I remember having problems with my wife because of that reason, went we used to go out with her friends I was the quietest one the “antisocial one” if you can call it like that.

It was tough for me because when I was single it was super easy I didn’t have to deal with people that often but with her was different I have to go out more often and meet more people and that was taking me out my conform zone.

Deep inside of me, all this change was killing me because at the same time I did want to be more outgoing and talk more with people and have more great conversations, and I knew that was something that I need to have if one day I want to create a business on my own.

Even most of the jobs that I had in the past were the kind of jobs that you didn’t have to deal with many people.

Then one day my wife give one of the best ideas ever, which it was to get a part-time in a place where I can develop confidence, where I can talk more often with people, where I can learn about sales and learn many more skills, and I thought it was a great idea.

This is basically what Robert Kiyosaki wrote in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, that during your early years you should learn and have all the kind of experiences, have in different jobs and develops some new skills, especially on sales.

So I decide to apply in a store that it will really put me out of my comfort zone, what can it be better than victoria secret place where I as a man have to deal mostly with a woman and sell them something.

I’m not going to lie it was tough at the beginning and it took me months of hard work and practice to really develop that confidence to talk with people and sell them what they need.

But I could say now that it’s worth it I have gained a great amount of confidence and experience on sales, I also feel more confident talking with new people that I meet every time I go out with my wife.

This experience has forever changed my life for good, and I realize that being out of your comfort zone is the only place where you can really grow.

Life is about constantly changing and moving forward.

If you are not happy with something in your life, change it, don’t let anything paralyze you.

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