Are you focused on the Most important thing? (Choose your one thing)

Are you focused on the Most important things? ( Choose your one thing )


For the last year I have struggled a lot choosing what project sure I start, it has been so hard for me to choose something since I want to many things and I want to try them all; I really enjoy learning about the stock market, I also want to start a youtube channel, I will love to write another book, I will love to open a growth an Amazon store and many more thing that I want to try. But the sad thing it’s that I haven’t been able to succeed to the fullest on any of them.

Why? Because I’m usually jumping one to another because I don’t have the patience to focus and develop whatever I’m trying to do.

I recently stumble with a video that talks about multi-passionate people (what I’m); I’m the kind of person that I want to try a lot of things at the same time and this is the reason why most of the time fail when I try to do something or accomplish a goal.

The solution to this came in an unexpected way, in a form of a book, the name of the book is “The one Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan”. This book really has helped me to see things from a different perspective and organize myself in a different way.

At the beginning of this years while I was writing and meditating about my goals on each area of my life I realize that I should try a different way to approach them, what I mean by different approach it’s that Instead of set 4 mayor goal on each aspect of my life like I just to do before I just choose one. I create a little list of things that ‘’ were priority in the moment” then I ask myself which of this priorities will make the most of Impact or will cause an effect domino with the rest of my goals, keep in mind that I applied this question in each area of my life, for example, whats the one thing that it will cause the most results on my health? Could be your eating habit or your exercise habits.

By doing this I force myself to narrow my focus to one thing after I’m done with that, I can move to the next thing, by doing this I can scale each goal.

In the past I have failed on most of my Goals because the lack of patience and I say this because I know what I want and how to get it just that I don’t have the consistency and the patience to follow through and if I keep this mindset I won’t accomplish anything; This is the reason why I decided to do a radical change and try new approach.

Most of the people that I admire the most have started with one thing and one thing only, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with your one thing forever, this only means that you should decide what will make the most impact at the moment for your future, you can see great examples like Warren Buffet that he decided to stick to Stocks, Bill Gates with software, or people Like Steve jobs that start his company with one single product ( computer ) and then he add more products.

For me the most important fact that you should keep in mind  it’s to have “patience”, that’s what most of us lack  because we want everything at the moment, we want everything now, and sometimes this is how I feel, but I always try to remind myself that good things take time and that I should think on long-term results.       

Don’t overthink anything, just decide what single thing can you start today, to start building your dream life. Have patience, keep yourself focus and whatever new thing comes in your way, ignore it until you finish your one thing.  

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