5 Core Habits of Successful People


By: Alcides Alvarado.

I have been passionate about entrepreneurship for the last couple of years, and that has to take me to read a lot of books, but most important to learn a lot from them;I thought before that I have a favorite entrepreneur but them I realize that it’s hard to choose just one because most of them have accomplished a lot and some of them have develop their self in circumstances that it’s hard to think that it’s possible to do, like for example Elon musk with Tesla, space X , Bill Gates with creating a software that didn’t exist and Jeff Bezos a guy who create a website to sell book and now is one of the most biggest and influential store in the world and many more of them that had accomplished a lot during their life’s.

I had reading most of their biography’s and I have found that many of them share a lot of habits or qualities which I think it’s what make them so successful and separate them from the rest, and I think that if you are like me that you want to become better every day and wants to leave a mark in this world it’s good to copy or practice at less some of their habits because that can help you to have a road map in your life or any goal that you want to accomplish.

I will share with you 5 of my Favorite habits that I had found very helpful in my life, I hope you enjoy it and at less practice one of them I’m pretty sure that it will be a great tool in your personal development.

1-They set goals and outline specifically how to reach them.

Research has shown that when an individual sets measurable goals for themselves, they are more like to achieve them. Set specific daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals for yourself and your business. Not only should you write down what your goals are but also determine the optimal path to get you there. In doing this you are able to visualize the path you must take to get there. Consistently review your goals and plans to achieve them on a regular basis.

Once I heard a story about two guys who were asked to walk in a straight line the first one focus on his step and the second focus on a three that were far away, my questions is which of them was the one to accomplish what they were asked? the answers its simple the one who put his focus on the tree. why? Because set a goal for himself and keep his eyes on it until he was able to finally get to that goal, and the other guy keeps his focus on his feet trying to keep a straight line and he forgets his vision to where he has to go.

One of the best tips that I have received in my life is from a guy call  Andy Frisella he has a podcast call MFCEO which I recommend by the way because it will help you to fire up your entrepreneurship; and the tip was that he has this little book that he use to write every morning and he set 5 goals for the day, I mean it doesn’t has to be 5 it can be 3 or 4 but I will say keep it smaller don’t write to many things because you will end up doing nothing; This list has to be key goals that put it them together every day they will build a bigger Goal, for example, let say you want to have a million Dollar, don’t just write that you want a million dollar, you have to deconstruct that Goal in small pieces, you need to ask yourself what do I need to do to make a million ? it does not just create a business it’s more than that and what I mean by deconstruct it’s that in order to become a millionaire I need to have a business and in order to have a business I need to find a niche, I need to do research, I need to do phone calls, I need to look for information on the internet, so, in this case, you will put on your list for today, I need to find a good niche that fit with me and after you found that you set another milestone in that topic for example after finding your niche you next target goal could be I will look for information about this niche, and so on; this 5 daily goals method has helped a lot in accomplishing things that I just to have pending for a very long time it’s really a great format to get things done.


2-They work for more than money.

 Steve Jobs, who has become a legend among entrepreneurs, attributes his success not to chasing money but to the desire to change the world for the better. In doing, so he created some of the world’s most brilliant products.

Entrepreneurs that allow their focus to be 100% on financial gain neglect long-term well-being which leads many business owners to feel unfulfilled and depressed. Just as you should have a diversified portfolio of assets, you should diversify your well-being (i.e. spiritual, mental, emotional) in regards to your business.

A couple months ago I was looking at an interview of Elon Musk and was impressing the answers that he give went he got asked what he was thinking went he create Tesla, Solar city and Space X and the answers what so smooth but strong at the same time, he say “what I was thinking it’s about how I can help humanity, what the humanity need now, what I can provide that they don’t have yet?”. And I personally think that this need to be our motto how can provide value to people by using our mind and our business I mean let be realistic all of us want money all of us want to become wealthy but I think you should focus on bringing value to people first and the wealth be add after that and believe me you will feel better about yourself.

3-They start before they feel ready.

What holds back many people from even starting their own business is the preconceived notion that they need more experience. The truth that matters is that there is no “right” time to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. In fact, many (if not all) new entrepreneurs have no idea what they are doing – even the world’s most successful such as Richard Branson. “Starting a business is like Choosing Your Own Adventure book. There are various different ways to reach the end…just be willing to finish the book.”

Resilience and being able to reflect on your failures is what separates good entrepreneurs from the great ones. The ability to get knocked down over and over while maintaining focus on your end-goal requires tremendous mental fortitude. We often see the most successful business owners invite failure into their lives. A common mantra in the tech world is, “fail fast, fail often”. In doing so you spend less time actually failing and more time to learn about what got you there so you don’t repeat your mistakes.

I think that you need to start before you feel complete ready or you think that it’s the right time to do it, went I start this blog I was scared I won’t lied, I didn’t have the experience, the knowledge, the resource I event have the money to pay someone to make the web page for me and my writing it’s not that good too 😉  but hey! at less I’m trying and little by little I’m getting comfortable with this because I love and I enjoy doing this, what I mean with all of this it’s that you need to try and even if you fail to get up and try one more time until you get it done.

4-They have Routines

Have a routine or set of habits In your day it’s a key factor why because those are things that will drive your day and over time it what it’s going to make you successful it like creating a snowball, most of the top CEO” S or Entrepreneurs have daily habits that they accomplish during their morning or before they leave their houses, everybody is different and we all work in a different way, sometimes we try to copy routines from successful persons that we admire and them we end up struggling with those routines, that’s why I will recommend that don’t just focus on what they are doing instead try to find something that works for you and use that sweet spot to work on it, we all have struggled and believe me I have been there it’s no easy; sometimes you just want to quick and go back to leave a simple and mediocre life which its easier, but remember we are no average we are different and we all have a purpose in this world we just have to work on it and find our Guide.

For example The apple CEO Tim Cook’s starts at 3.45am He wakes up quite early and begins sending emails as early as 4:30 am. He is usually the first one to get to work, and he will hold telephone meetings on Sunday nights to discuss plans for the upcoming week. In another hand, The President of The United States Barak Obama keeps a strict morning workout routine of weights and cardio at 6.45am, before eating breakfast with his family and helping to pack his daughters off to school. As you can see most of them or I must say all of them have different routines and what I mean by this it’s that you have to find what work for you and focus on that!.

5-They Visualize

This is something that I incorporate very late in my life and I regret it because this is a powerful tool, many people are skeptical with this because they think that this don’t work and this some kind of fantasy or something like that, but in my own experience this has to help me a lot to gain confident in my life and in moments went I really need some kind of support.

I enjoy the quiet and take some time to map out your day. Think through your goals and to-dos. Take whatever notes you need to ensure your day will be calmer and more efficient. Research has shown that even two minutes of visualization and positive thinking can improve your mood and clarity for the entire day ahead, has you can see this is very similar to meditation that why I use them both at the same time, I star meditating and them I continue with visualization to end my section in the morning.


Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.  Jim Rohn.

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