3 Reasons why you need to start a Blog If you want to become Successful

By Alcides Alvarado


I remember a year ago when I decide to do something for myself and start making some money online, I didn’t know where to start o what to do.


I knew that in some way I was going to do something, by that time I was reading The 4hour work week from Tim Ferriss and when it kind click with me Start a blog.


Since then I have been working in a way to make my blog growth and I have found some good reasons why it’s important to have a blog No matter if you want to grow your personal brand, create an online store or offer services from your company.


Here are a few Key benefits that you should keep in mind when you create a blog.   


Establish Authority


Look at this way, when you are in the school and you are a student, who do you think you look as an authority? Your teacher right? so that the position or the advantage that a blog does for you, if you a business or you try to become an influencer in some way, by you writing about a specific topic, you will become an authority in that feel.

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Tell Your Story


Another way that a blog can be use it’s by telling your story, yes! If you want to become a personal brand you can start by having a blog that people can visit and learn more about yourself, the thing you like and your skills.


At the beginning this may feel bit overwhelming but over time become easy, I say this because it happens to me, it’s hard not to compare yourself with other especially when you see people like Tim Ferris or Seth Godin, which are professional blogger and go very deep when they write about something, but this for you don’t has to be like that! Like Gary Vee say instead of creating you need to start documenting your life…


Remember at the end of the day It’s your blog and it’s your little corner of the internet and you can write anything you want, your imagination it’s your limit; and never think that you don’t  have anything to write about or that your life it’s not excited, I’m pretty sure if you put your mind on it you can find a lot of topics to write about.



Blogging Makes You a Better Person

Having a blog will make you a better person. Why I say this? Well by writing everyday or at least once a week you will improve your writing skills as well communication skill; I remember at the beginning I just to make a lot of mistakes writing, and still make some, even though English it’s my second language, it was worse at the beginning but there is nothing that practice can fix.


If you have any other way or experience in what a blog may have helped you, comment below!

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